Cleaning instructions and tips

For a long durability, you should treat your HAMACHA jewelry always well.

We recommend that you take off the jewelry before bathing, showering, before using a sauna or a steam bath or before sporting activities. Contact with salt water is also not recommended.

Always protect your jewelery from chemical products, extreme temperatures and hot objects. Chemicals such as cleaning agents, bleaches, oils, fragrances (perfume) and skin creams can lead to the blush of precious metal coatings and harm the gilding.

Please take off your jewelry before heavy physical activities to prevent mechanical impacts like bumps, chafing and scratching.


If you do not wear your HAMACHA jewelery, store the jewelry in the HAMACHA box. In general, make sure that your jewelry is protected from direct sunlight and heat.

Cleaning of metals

Use a soft cloth to clean your HAMACHA jewelry (for example, a spectacle cleaning cloth). Clean your jewelry carefully and without excessive force. A high pressure applied to the cleaning cloth can lead to the chafing of the gilding of your jewelry.

Cleaning of stones

Jewelry with natural stones can become soiled during use. If dirt can not be removed with a cloth, we recommend to clean the stones under warm water with a soft toothbrush. Carefully remove remaining water with a cloth and allow the jewelery to dry completely at ambient temperature.